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Cbdmd Inc Is A United States-Based Pharmaceutical Company. It Owns And Operates CBD Brands, Including Cbdmd, Paw CBD, And Cbdmd Botanicals


The Company Produces And Distributes Spectrum Cannabidiol (CBD) Products And Spectrum CBD Products. The Company’s Current Product Categories Include CBD Tinctures, CBD Gummies, CBD Topicals, CBD Bath Bombs, CBD Oils, And CBD Pet Products. The Firm Distributes Its Products Through An E-Commerce Website, Wholesalers, And A Variety Of Brick-And-Mortar Retailers. Cbdmd Inc., Formerly Known As Level Brands Inc., Is Based In Charlotte, North Carolina, United States.


Web Development

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Web Development

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In Case, If Customers Want To Make CBD Products A Part Of Their Daily Routine Then They Have To Order Some Of Their Favorite Products Frequently To Get The Most Out Of CBD. For Example, If A Customer Needs A New Bottle Of Gummies After Every Fortnight OR He Needs His Preferred Tinctures On A Monthly Basis Then What He Has To Do To Get His Favorite Products On Time? Yes, He Has To Visit The Website Then He Has To Find And Add To The Cart That Same Product On The Website And Then He Has To Manually Order That Product. Sometimes, The Customer Forgets To Order A Product OR The Customer Feels Tired Or Lazy To Order The Same Product Again And Again But He Needs That Product After Every 2 Weeks Or 1 Month, Or 2 Months. So, Cbdmd Decided To Make This Repeated Process Easy For Their Customers By Introducing A New Autoship & Save Feature.


Autoship & Save Subscription Feature Was Introduced To Auto-Reorder A Customer’s Subscribed Product After A Set Period Of Time. Autoship & Save Option Allows You To Schedule Shipments Of Your Favorite Cbdmd Products At Intervals Of Two Weeks, One Month, Or Two Months – You Can Even Mix And Match. You Can Even Schedule Regular Deliveries Of Your Pets’ Favorite CBD Treats. Even Better, You’ll Get A Discount On All Autoship & Save Items. You’ll Find An Autoship And Save Option On Each Product Page. Simply Check The Box, Select The Frequency Of Delivery, Add The Item To Your Cart, And Check Out As Normal. This Process To Order A Product Will Be One Time For The Customer And After That Subscribed Product Will Be Automatically Reordered For That Customer According To The Set Frequency Of Delivery.

What If A Customer Needs To Skip A Scheduled Shipment For Any Reason? No Problem. Simply Navigate To Your Account Settings To Select The Manage Your Subscription Feature, And Use The Skip Option. You Can Also Change The Frequency Of Your Shipments Any Time You Like.


Autoship & Save Subscription Option Provides The Following Features,

  • Automatically Reorder A Product After A Set Frequency Of Time.
  • The Frequency To Reorder A Subscribed Product Can Be Changed At Any Time To Any Of The Intervals Of 2 Weeks, 1 Month, Or 2 Months.
  • Subscription Can Be Paused Until The Customer Doesn’t Want To Resume It By Himself.
  • Subscriptions Can Be Deleted At Any Time.
  • Customers Can Create Multiple Subscriptions For The Same Or Different Products.
  • Customers Can Change Their Shipping And Billing Information Linked To A Subscription.
  • If Multiple Subscriptions Of The Same Customer Are Going To Be Processed On The Same Day, Then These All Subscriptions Will Become Part Of One Order.

Things we are
doing now

  • Previously, All The Subscriptions Linked To A
    Customer Must Have The Same Shipping And Billing
    Information. But Now All The Subscriptions Linked To A
    Customer Can Have Their Own Separate Shipping And
    Billing Information.
  • Create Separate Orders Based On Different
    Billing Or Shipping Information For Subscriptions Of The
    Same Customer That Are Going To Be Processed On The
    Same Day.
  • If Subscription Products Are OUT OF STOCK And
    Their Reorder Date Is Coming Within The Next 2-3 Days
    Then Email A List Of These Items To An Administrator As
    An Alert.

Other Services provided to cbdMD

  • The Upgraded Website From Magento Old Version 2.3.5 To Magento New Version 2.4.3
  • Currently, Upgrading The Website From Magento Version 2.4.3 To Magento New Version 2.4.5
  • Implemented A New Payment Method NMI Used In Checkout.

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